Heart of Texas PRC Resources

Heartbeat International (www.heartbeatinternational.org):

Heartbeat’s vision is to make abortion unwanted today and unthinkable for future generations. Its mission is to reach and rescue as many lives as possible, around the world, through an effective network of life-affirming pregnancy help, and to renew communities for LIFE. All of its affiliated pregnancy help providers, whether they are pregnancy help centers, maternity homes or adoption services, make a commitment to serve their community with honesty, integrity, and equality. They adopt “Our Commitment of Care and Competence.”

Focus on the Family (www.focusonthefamily.com)

Focus on the Family provides resources for families, churches, and individuals to assist in understanding the pro life position and know how to get involved. “We provide resources for individuals and organizations to help them be a voice of life, advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

National Right to Life (www.nrlc.org)

National Right to Life works to achieve its mission through education, legislation and political action.  Its activities include providing research, educational materials, information and leadership training for effective right-to-life citizenship as well as sponsoring legislation which will advance the protection of human life and supporting the election of public officials who defend life.”

Central Texas Coalition for Life (centraltexascoalition.com)

The Central Texas Coalition for Life is a grassroots community-based organization that draws attention to the injustice of abortion through prayer and fasting, community outreach & education, and peaceful prayer vigils on the public right-of-ways in front of abortion facilities in Austin, Texas.  We network with numerous pregnancy centers, community healthcare clinics, medical professionals and other resources to help women and their families find real, life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

“And then there were none” (abortionworker.com)

This organization was founded by pro-life movement leader Abby Johnson. Its primary goal is to draw clinic workers out of the abortion industry and set them on a path to recovery. Once a clinic worker has come to terms with what he or she has witnessed and participated in during the time working in the clinic (this can take months, years, or even decades), then they can make a rational, conscious decision whether to come forward and go public with their testimony…or they may decide to never go public with their story.

National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (nifla.org)

NIFLA is a faith-based, Christian ministry that seeks to glorify God by proclaiming the sanctity of human life, both born and unborn. Through the provision of legal resources and counsel to charitable faith-based pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) and pregnancy medical clinics (PMCs), NIFLA seeks to develop a network of life-affirming ministries in every community across the nation. It will continue to work toward an abortion-free America where every human life, born and unborn, and made in the image of God, is valued.

The Vox Project (voxproject.com)

Vox is latin for voice.  The Vox Project is breaking the silence for the silenced, and speaking up for the weakest and most vulnerable among us.

The Vox Project wants to inspire and equip pastors and ministry leaders to lead the way in speaking the truth about abortion with grace and compassion.

The Vox Project aims to be a catalyst, spreading awareness and propelling the people of God to action through creative and innovative means.

PRAYER & FASTING chapters are being formed.  EQUIPPING VIDEOS available for pastors and ministry leaders to be inspired and equipped to contend for life with truth, grace and compassion. The Vox Project believes that radical transformation in our culture is possible when the church stands united against the injustice of abortion.

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