The story of Andrea and Andrew – perhaps more than any other – illustrates why God inspired Debi and her husband, Bubba, to establish Heart of Texas Pregnancy Resource Center in the heart of east Austin’s most at-risk neighborhood.

The date was Sept. 30, 2012. Debi and Bubba had taken their regular stations outside one of the Austin abortion mills, praying and hoping to get the attention of mothers they feared might be about to end their pregnancies or make appointments to do so.

One such woman was Andrea. After two tests at home showed positive, she and her boyfriend Andrew had come to the clinic to get confirmation. The clinic’s test, however, was negative and as they walked outside, Debi and Lloyd could tell something was up.

Then came the moment. Andrea and Andrew noticed Debi and Bubba and by the grace of God decided to walk over for a conversation.

“They were confused,” Debi wrote in her notes at the time. “We offered to take them toHTPRC,” which on that day had been in operation no more than two weeks. The HTPRC test, the couple’s fourth, was positive. Andrea was five weeks pregnant.

Too frightened to tell her parents, Andrea looked to Debi for answers. “I shared how we could help,” Debi recalled. Point by point, she explained the spiritual, emotional and material assistance available at HTPRC. “They became more positive about the baby, and they chose life!”

Debi’s sure it was a close call. “I strongly believe if the test had come back positive at the clinic, they could have easily chosen or been talked into abortion for help,” she said.

Today, three and a half years later, Andrea now has successfully completed two pregnancies under HTPRC’s guidance, still participate in classes and small groups, and is an irrepressible evangelist for the center. “It has changed my life,” she said, “not only the resources, but just knowing that they’re always here to help encourage you when you need it.

“The center means a safe place to come to, to talk, or ask for help. It is very important to me. I enjoy the people who are here, and how they are willing to help me in times of physical, emotional and prayer need. I love having them pray for me, it brings me a sense of peace.”

Debi still gets teary-eyed when she tells the story. “Praise be to God! Thanking God I was there and work at HTPRC! What a blessed Christ-incidence that we were there! Amazed by God! A huge save!”

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