My experience as a volunteer at Heart of Texas Pregnancy Center

As we become GOD’S HANDS AND FEET, GOD fills us with overwhelming joy that overflows from us to the people we serve. That is how I feel when I volunteer at Heart of Texas Pregnancy Center. The smile, energy and love on the faces of the staff and the fact that we pray before we start is just a blessing to me. I thought I was going to be a blessing to the clients but they end up being a blessing to me. I come to serve the clients but I end up being served spiritually. The fact that they come to trust me and share their stories with me and agree for me to pray for them is just an amazing experience. I see myself in their stories and I am humbled. I thank GOD for giving me an opportunity to serve here. It’s a gift from GOD. May GOD bless the directors, the staff, the volunteers, and the clients at Heart of Texas. And through Heart of Texas, may clients come to have a personal relationship with GOD so that even though they come for material resources, they end up leaving with spiritual resources.

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